The Fast Track to Weight Loss with Puppy Play Time!

Assuming you have no mobility issues the best way you could possibly think about dropping the pounds is by getting active with your dog.

Stop and think about it for just a moment. What does your beloved pooch love to do all day long? Nothing but have fun and play right? So why not combo the two together?

You do can get out and play while you start your new fitness routine also.

Start by walking. You’ll drop a few pounds very, very fast! The best way to start

is by going on walks two or three times a week. Don’t worry if you are unfit. It’s just a slow paces walk while your dog trots along beside you. It can really be this simple to drop the pounds. You always hear the stories of people dropping a lot of weight by walking so now it’s your turn to do the same and you are killing two birds with one stone doing this by as your dog will get exercise also.

If you don’t do this then what is your option? Well I suppose one option is to go to the gym but then how do you have time to get your dog the exercise it needs.

One option would be to hire a dog walker. For example you could get a company like dog walkers in Bristol to take on the job. This is just an example but from their site it costs £20 for a walk. If you add that up and get your dog walked three times per week it’s £60. Or £240 a month. That is quite a lot. But it depends on your schedule.

The best option is to just go and have fun yourself with your dog. It;s part of the family and you love the little guy right. Go play catch with him at least! This way you keep your dog fit and you start to get fit.

This way as you get fitter you can move into going for jogs with your pup. Your dog will love it once you start to jog along side him and then you can eventually move into actually running. And if you are felling ambitious you can move those runs into runs through the forest or woods that you might live next to as your dog will love the new area he will be exploring.

So to recap:

  1. Start with short walks and take your dog. Your dog will love it and you’ll start to get fit.
  2. As time goes by move into jogging with your dog.
  3. Once your drop the pounds and get fitting take you dog for a run and even explore new areas.
  4. If you don’t have time and you opt for the gym instead then hiring a dog walkers is a great idea.

You can also watch this quick video that has some tips about running with your dog.