Smart Home? Now a Reality? Or Still Fiction? – Locksmith Chimes in Their Opinion!

Technology is an amazing thing. 20 years ago CD players were all the rage and in your pocket. You had to carry CDs in your backpack. These days for a few hundred dollars you can deck out your home and digitalize your life with some of these simple smart hacks. The computer (phone) in your pocket is 1000s of times more powerful than the first rocket had that went into space.

Keyless Entry

Do you think that your iPhone is the only thing that can be unlocked with a fingerprint? Think again! You can actually pick up a Smart Lock for your home and have it installed for a few hundred dollars. And this way you can use your fingerprint to unlock your home. It might not be very realistic to put this type of Smart Lock on every single door into your house but at least three main entry to your home would be worth a shot.

There are so many different types of smart locks you can have installed. If you are not a fan of carrying around a digital chip because the whole point of this would be to not have to carry a key then there are also apps on phone that allow you to unlock a door. Or you can also just get one of those locks on your home that simply has a code that gets punched in. That way you don’t even have to be digital but you also don’t have to carry a key!

We spoke to Phil of Abacus Locksmiths. He runs a Bournemouth locksmith service . He said his work for smart locks is really starting to pick up. In 2017 he said he fitted about 25 smart locks. For a small companies like his that is a lot. To date in 2018 he said he’s already done 45 smart lock installs. So smart lock popularity is on the rise in the UK. The same trend is taking place in USA. Check Abacus out on Twitter if you like.

Heating and Cooling

Did you know that you can connect your heating and cooling system to Wi-Fi?

There are different models of thermostats out there that connect to the Wi-Fi and then Connect into a smart app. So let’s say you were outside on a hot day and you live in a hot part of the country. You can then get on your phone 20 minutes before you get home and turn the air conditioning on.

Or if it’s the middle of winter. Just get on your phone, pull up the app, and set the temperature to what you want to change it to. So simple right? It will be nice and warm at home.

Smart Plugs

Do you know what a smart plug is? If not it’s quite simple. It’s simply a plug that plugs into the wall socket before you plug a device. That plug is then controlled by Wi-Fi. So you can can get on your phone connecting to the app and turn on or turn off whatever you want. So you could literally be in bed and turn on the light in the bathroom and control it.

Or let’s say you’re on holidays. You can turn the lights on in your home and then turn them off. If people have been scoping the neighborhood to break into your house and they see lights going on and off every night at different times they are going to think someone is in that property. This is much better than the old days of just hoping when you went and holiday someone didn’t break into your house.