Get Paid to Get Fit? Yes! It’s Possible!

Fitness and money. When you think about this combination you normally think about the elite right? The pro athletes getting paid millions.

Well today we are going to present to you with something you may have never thought about but it’s almost the ultimate solution to fitness and weight loss. Imagine you had a friend or maybe this could work for you. And that person want to drop weight but hated going to the gym. Have you ever through about swapping jobs into something more physically intensive?

Think about it for a moment. What is it that you do at the gym? You pretty much go to the gym specifically to do something intense for a set period of time right? And when is the last time you saw a physically unfit carpet cleaning professional. Or an unfit removalist. Or how about an unfit bike courier? You don’t see that as the are always fit!

So lets explore a few of these options. And don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the business owners we have been in touch with who have seen transformations take place with their staff.

A Moving Company Job for Fitness?

Lets start with removal work. Lucas of We Move and Clean is based out of Swindon in the UK. This part of the UK is well known for comfort food. After we spoke to him he basically told us that he has someone in the office ask him if they could get on the road and start helping with house removals around Swindon. Their reason was simple. They wanted to get fit. And they figured why not get active all day long with moving peoples homes. That way there is no gym and the dramatic shock to the body from office worker to being on your feet every day will surly working shocking the body to drop the weight.

Well you know what, it worked! Lucas told us that over the next six months his staff member lost about a third of their body weight and looks fantastic. The change that took place is summed up with getting on your feet and moving furniture all day as a job. And getting out all the bad stuff over time so the diet is cleaned up.

As simple as that!

Bike Courier – Pedal for Fitness!

This is our own addition and a fairly obvious one.

Imagine for a moment you are in the office or day or any kind of indoor work. And all of a sudden your peddling your bike for 6 hours a day. Do you think you will get fit? Do you think there is the slightest chance at all they you will no start to shirk?

It’s not possible to stay at the same weight! Unless you biked all day and went home to drink six beers and ate burgers all day. But that wouldn’t work as you’d fell to bloated and wouldn’t be able to to you bike courier job at all!

Carpet Cleaning for Fitness

The last one is carpet cleaning. Have you ever had your carpet professionally cleaned? Have you seen the heavy equipment that has to be dragged around a house or a business? Have you seen how much pushing and pulling takes place to get the job done right? It’s not an intensive job like a building dealing with brick laying but it’s intense enough for a transformation to take place.

Just ask Paul of Clean Victoria. He has been running a successful Newcastle carpet cleaning service for the better part of a few years. When he started his business he told us that he was not in the best shape and over the next few months things changed dramatically. He told us that he never had a bad diet and was not that big in the first place but what he did do was eat to much comfort food on the weekend and drank a lot. So over the first few moths of starting his carpet cleaning business he cleaning cleaning up his diet a little bit but still enjoyed himself on the weekends.

And the end result was that he dropped about 15kg in about 5 months. Just by doing his job and cleaning up his diet.

So at the end of the day you don’t have to have a gym membership and spend hours in the gym if you don’t like that kind of thing. The point of this article is really that you need to get active.  Being active and more so being “human” and doing what the human body was designed to do, move, is what helps you get fit again.