Fighting off Varicose Veins!

Do you have varicose veins? If so lets get that taken care of with our first article in our new skin care series.

Varicose veins are something generally happens later in life for women. But don’t be fooled it’s quite possible even men to get them even when the are in theirs twenties.

So you have varicose veins? What are you going to do about it. Here are four tips that will help you fight them!

  1. Compression Stockings – Compression stocking can be used of fight off varicose veins in your legs. The theory behind it is quite simple that the ‘compression’ of the stocks or stocking promotes blood flow in your legs and varicose veins is based on the fact that your body is not circulating blood properly. So getting some compression socks can be a starting point that is very cheap before moving into other methods.
  2. Get Active! – Remember what we mentioned above about poor blood circulation. Well what does exercise do? If promotes better blood flow and circulation in your body right. The better your blood flows the faster you will start to reduce your varicose veins. Now we are not at all saying become a gym junkie who lives and breathes weight training. But rather just become active. Go for a walk after work or if you live close to the beach go for a swim.Just get ‘naturally’ active.
  3. Avoid Long Periods Sitting or Standing – Once again this come down to circulation. If you stand all day in a job like working on the checkout you’re not doing yourself any favors to fix your varicose veins. Or if you sit all day working in an office then set a timer that reminds you to get up and stretch or just walk up and down the office hallway for at least 90 seconds. This will get you blood flowing once again and it’s also proven that moving naturally like this will wake you up much more effectively that drinking another cup of coffee.
  4. If All Else Fails Use a Varicose Vein Cream – A good resources to follow is Healthy Skin Lab. It’s run by Gloria. Gloria covers various skin issues she’s managed to cure with different methods but she started Healthy Skin Lab with her thoughts on fixing varicose veins once and for all.  Gloria makes several recommendation on how to go about dealing with varicose veins from natural remedies to a special type of varicose vein cream and even some medical options. We can’t recommend Healthy Skin Lab enough when it comes to getting the best information to fix your varicose vein issues.

That is it! Stay tuned for our next article that will deal with another common skin issue that can easily be fixed!